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Boarding Registration Form
Can your pet(s) participate in doggie daycare?
Would you like for your pet(s) to have any of the following services during their stay (for additional charges based on size)?
FEEDING: Will you bring food for your pet(s) or would you like for Pet Palace to provide meals while boarding for an additional $4 per meal?

MEDICATIONS: Please list any medication your pet will take while in our care.

List any medication your pet will take while in our care.

Please indicate which Room Option you would prefer:

We require proof of current vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian prior to Check In. Your pet’s health and happiness is our primary concern. If at any time our staff notices a medical problem, we will make every effort to contact you or your Responsible Party. Should we be unable to reach you or your Responsible Party, we will adhere to the Emergency Consent to Treat form we have on file. WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS.
By signing below, you agree to pay for services rendered at time of Check Out, including but not limited to any fees associated with late pick up or additional medical services in the event of an emergency. Further, you acknowledge that Pet Palace Hotels is not liable for any lost or damaged personal items that are left with your pet.